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The concept of SEO is still new to many people, find all the answers regarding SEO and choose suitable SEO plan for your website

Q1. What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Ans: The purpose of Search Engine Optimization is to prepare a search engine friendly website and promote it with right strategy resulting in higher traffic and revenue for the website. SEO has different aspects and only an experienced professional can provide you satisfactory SEO service. SEO is dynamic in nature and to remain on the top it is important to work continuously and secure your position.

Q2. Why doesn’t my Web site rank very well in the search engines?

Ans: The position of website in search engine is affected by several factors. Many website owners complain that their website is not performing well in search engine even after good amount of work. The process of search engine optimization is very scientific and to achieve better position it is important to plan your strategy considering the entire important factor that can affect SEO, consider these factors while planning your SEO strategy:
Proper usage of Title tag Keyword density Presence of heading tags in content Image optimization using ALT tag Quality of the content Quantity of the content. Number of pages in website

Q4. How long does it take for SEO results to kick in?

Ans: Mostly websites start showing result in 15 days in some cases it take few months.

Q5. Does every page of my website really need to be optimized? 

Ans: It is important to optimize each and every page of the website for more significant traffic.

Q6. Isn’t This Something We Can Do Ourselves?

Ans: SEO is a time-taking process and it require time to time assessment of SEO plan for fast and better result, though it is not impossible to manage SEO of your website on your own but it is recommended to choose professionals for SEO process for better result.

Q7. Do you require making changes to our existing website?

Ans: We analyze your website thoroughly before staring SEO and recommend changes in design and layouts, if required. These changes are applied only after client’s approval.

Q8. All this quite perplexing and I am having a few more questions about the subject?

Ans: Feel free to contact us for your queries; it would be our pleasure to serve you.

Q9. Can you guarantee a number #1 position in the search engines?

Claims like guaranteed # 1 position in 15 days is nothing but a promotional technique, no one can guarantee top rank in 15 days.

Q10. Do you out outsource the projects assigned to you to any other company?

Ans: Speedupseo manage all the work on its own, we have a in-house team to manage different tasks.

Q11. Why Should I Choose Speed-up?

Ans: Speedupseo guarantees higher ROI, significant traffic and improved keyword position in less time at affordable budget. Speed-up follows only white-hat techniques for SEO purpose and bring significant changes in the website’s performance just in a week.

Web site Development FAQ:

Project Assignment, Evaluation and Turnaround time:


Q1. I need a website designed, how should i get started?

Ans: Let us plan your website look and design. Send us a free quote we will analyze and evaluate your requirement and will send you a complete report regarding project time, cost and other details.

Q2. What is the response time after I filled in the free quote?

Ans: We will deliver you a free quote report just in 24-48 hrs.

Q3. What is the expected time to complete the project?

Ans: It depends on project’s requirement. It could range from 5 days to 60 days. Once the project is analyzed we will inform the client about the expected time limit to complete the project.

Q4. Can I be able to see the work progress of my site before its completion?

Ans:Yes we will continuously update you about the latest progress regarding the project and you can also view the work.

Q5. I already have a website but I want to modify the design, can you do the design only?

Ans: Yes, We are here to serve our clients. We will do the needful changes as per your requirement.

Q6. I have a website, there are some errors on it, can you do the error rectification work on my site?

Ans: Our developers and designers will rectify all the errors and will make a flawless website.

Q7. Can you create small 4-5 page website?

Ans: We would love to create your website, no matter it is of 4 page or 40.

Q8. Is it compulsory to take your hosting service for my site?

Ans: It is totally your choice. You can rely on us for hosting service but are not bound to choose as your hosting service provider.

Project Pricing and initial Payment:

Q9. How you a charge for the errors rectifications or modification works?

Ans: For such task we charge on hourly basis and the charges mostly depends on complexity of the task. It could range from $8 to $12.

Q10. How you charge for new projects?

Ans: The cost of new project is decide by the evaluation team, they analyze and evaluate the project and after that one-time cost is decided. Client can also choose to pay on an hourly basis.

Q11. Is it compulsory to pay the initial payment before starting a new project?

Ans: Yes, it is compulsory to pay advance before starting the project. It helps in building a strong and trustworthy relationship with clients.

Q12. Whether project cost or hourly rate for development works is negotiable?

Ans: Cost factor is mutually negotiated between client and speedupseo, depending on clients budget and time requirement.

Scripting languages and Software used for Projects:

Q13. I`m looking for error rectifications work, how you will charge for the modification work?

Ans: We charge on hourly basis and the price varies depending on the complexity of the task. To know more please send us the details of the work.

Q14. How you charge for new Web Development project?

Ans: The cost of the project is evaluated by evaluation team, it could be a one-time cost for the overall project or client can negotiate for hourly charges.

Q15. Milestone is necessary?

Ans: Yes, our team will start working on your project once you made 50% advance payment of the total cost.

16. Which technology, language or software you use for web development work?

Ans: We work on LAMP and .Net technology

17. Which designing software you use for website designing?

Ans: We are using Photoshop CS3, Flash 8, Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Illustrator etc.

Maintenance Service:

Q18. Do you provide free maintenance service or support after completion of website?

Ans: We provide six month free support and maintenance service to our clients. If any kind of error occur during maintenance period Speed-up will rectify the error free of cost.

Q19. Can you provide life time maintenance service for my site?

Ans: Yes, you can choose us for life time maintenance service. To know more about life time maintenance plan visit our maintenance link

Location and Outsourcing of project:

Q20. Do you out outsource the projects assigned to you to any other company?

Ans: Speedupseo manage all the work on its own, we have a in-house team to manage different tasks.

Q21. Are you developing the project in your office or client locations?

Ans: Currently we deliver projects from our office location; there is no provision to work from client’s location.

Q22. Are you interested in outsourced designing or development work?

Ans: Yes, If it suits our requirement we will love to work on outsourced designing and developing work.

Q23. Are you interested to work on behalf of our organization for our web designing and development works?

Ans: Yes, we also provide back office support for outsourced project.

Q24. Will you sign NDA(Non Discloser Agreement) for working for my company?

Ans: Yes, there is no problem in signing NDA to maintain the privacy of your company.

Client Communication:

Q25. Do you communicating to client during project development?

Ans: Yes, we regularly update our clients regarding latest development of project through e-mail. IM and conference call.

Q26. Do you provide any support after the project delivery?

Ans: Yes, we provide life time support for the projects developed and designed by SpeedupSEO.

About SpeedupSEO:

Q27. What are the unique features of Speed-up?

Ans: Speedupseo is a team of dedicated and trained professionals. We provide complete IT solution to our clients from developing, designing to promoting it. We work professionally and value the time and money of our clients. Trust Speedupseo for cost-effective and quality

Q28. Could I trust SpeedupSEO?

Ans: Yes, we are Paypal verified company.

Money Back Policies:

Q29. Is there money back policy or guarantee if my project is not done perfectly in time?

Ans: Yes, If the task is not satisfactorily done in agreed time we will return the advance money after deducting the initial cost. Though we always provide quality service but, in case client wants to end the project deals he can end it. In case, delay in delivery of the project is due to client’s side or any other factor beyond the control of the company resources then there is no provision of money back.